Eric Latullipe silicon machine operator FLEXcon

Faces of Manufacturing: Taking Pride in Teamwork

Oct. 12, 2016
"Manufacturing isn’t just a place to end up. It’s an industry where the experience and knowledge you gain will grow with you."

One in a Manufacturing Day series that celebrates the industry’s workers, from the C-Suite to the shop floor.

Eric Latulippe

City/ State of Residence: Oxford, Massachusetts

Job Title: Silicone Machine Assistant/Operator

Company: FLEXcon

Years w/ Company: 25 

Industry of your Company: Adhesives, Sealants, Labels

Training/ Education: Certified commercial art and design graduate

What made you decide to pursue a career in manufacturing?

The advancement of computer technology made it a tough industry for natural artists. With the many graphic art programs that arose, there were artists everywhere and at the touch of a button. I realized that a manufacturing job would provide stability for me and my family. I still get to do what I love while having a talent on the side.

What does your job entail?

I assist in all processes to manufacture our products – setting up and taking down machines and filling work orders for the liners we process in house. 

What is the most interesting part of your job? Your proudest moment?  

The most interesting part of my job has to be my co-workers. We have been together for 25 years, which makes it very much a family setting.

Another interesting part of my job is being out in the world and seeing our end products used in real-world environments. Knowing that I had a hand in the product is pretty cool. That is also my proudest moment.

What do you love about manufacturing?

I love the people in manufacturing. We are behind-the-scenes of any company that makes a product used in everyday life. While it is rarely noticed by others, I understand the time and resources that were put into making the product. 

What advice would you give to kids considering a job in manufacturing?  

The advice I would give to kids is that manufacturing isn’t just a place to end up. It’s an industry where the experience and knowledge you gain will grow with you along with the many other opportunities that result from the world of manufacturing. It’s a starting place for some and an ending for others. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is that manufacturing will always be there and there will always be a need. 

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