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At Home with the Best

We've mapped the headquarters locations for all 50 manufacturing companies that make up the 2019 IndustryWeek 50 Best US Manufacturers. Here they are.

Lists are fine things. We create plenty of them, including this one of the 2019 IndustryWeek 50 Best US Manufacturers, our exclusive ranking of America's top-performing public manufacturing companies. We like lists.

But lists aren't the only way to share information, and for some percentage of the population, they are not an enjoyable way to view data.

So, for them, and you, we have created a Google map of the IW 50 Best US Manufacturers. The map provides some visual context that is missing from a list of data, and it also allows you – by means of the map legend – to expand or limit the amount of information you take in.

The colored pins have meaning. We divided the IW 50 into five sets of 10 companies, each set identified by its own color. So, for example, the first 10 manufacturing companies that make up the IW 50 Best are identified by blue pins, the next 10 by orange pins and so on.

Click on any individual pin and additional data is revealed.

Here are a few fun facts about the IW 50 Best US Manufacturers:

  • More of the IndustryWeek 50 Best US Manufacturers have headquarters located in California than in any other single state. California is home to eight such headquarters.
  • Four states each have five headquarters: Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Texas.
  • And four cities have more than one of the IW 50 Best located within its borders. Those cities are Elkhart, Indiana, with three, and Cleveland; Santa Clara, California; and Zeeland, Mich., each with two.


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