The IndustryWeek Manufacturing Hall of Fame

The IndustryWeek Manufacturing Hall of Fame is IW's annual tribute to the most influential executives and thought leaders in U.S. manufacturing history.
Andrew Liveris

President, Chairman & CEO
Dow Chemical Co.

Carl Deckard

Inventor of Selective Laser Sintering, 3-D Printing

Nick Pinchuk

Chairman & CEO
Snap-on Inc.

Carlos Cardoso

Chairman, President & CEO
Kennemetal Inc.

Carlos Ghosn

President & CEO
Nissan Motor Co., &
Chairman & CEO
Renault Group

Bob Chapman

Chairman & CEO
Barry-Wehmiller Cos. Inc.

Charles "Chuck" Hull

Co-Founder, Executive Vice President & CTO
3D Systems

Gregory Kenny

President & CEO
General Cable Corp.

John Breen

Former Chairman & CEO

Mark Pigott

Chairman & CEO
Paccar Inc.

Mary Vermeer Andringa

Vermeer Corp.

Ronald D. Sugar

Former Chairman & CEO
Northrop Grumman

Tim Solso

Former Chairman & CEO
Cummins Inc.

2012 Hall of Fame Inductees

Norm Augustine

Former CEO
Lockheed Martin Corp.

Art Byrne

Former CEO
Wiremold Co.

Lewis Campbell

Navistar International Corp.

Scott Crump

Chairman, Founder
Stratasys Ltd., &
Inventor of Fused-Deposition Modeling

Robert Curl

Co-Discoverer of the "Buckyball"

Richard E. Dauch

Co-founder & Executive Chairman of the Board
American Axle & Mfg. Holdings Inc.

Robert 'Doc' Hall

Professor Emeritus
Indiana University

Jim McNerney

Boeing Inc.

Alan (A.G.) Lafley

Former CEO
Procter & Gamble Co.

Alan Mulally

Former President & CEO
Ford Motor Co.

Armand Feigenbaum

Total Quality Control Pioneer

Daniel DiMicco

Nucor Corp.

Gordon Moore

Intel Corp.

Jay Wright Forrester

Pioneer in Supply Chain Management

John Brown

Former CEO
Stryker Corp.

Raymond Floyd

Lean pioneer in the Chemical-Processing Industry

2010 Hall of Fame Inductees

Dennis Pawley

Championed lean manufacturing at Chrysler

Donald Fites

Former Chairman, CEO,

George Koenigsaecker

President, Lean Investments LLC, and former HON executive

Harry Moser

Chairman Emeritus

W.J. 'Jerry' Sanders III

Principal Founder, Retired CEO of Advanced Micro Devices

Lawrence Bossidy 

Former Chairman & CEO
Allied Signal

Michael Dell

Founder & CEO
Dell Inc.

Norman Bodek

Leader in bringing lean to the West. Currently a teacher, consultant, author and publisher.

Rajan Suri

Emeritus Professor
University of Wisconsin
Creator of quick response manufacturing strategy

Andrew Grove

Former CEO
Intel Corporation

Charles O. Holliday Jr.

Chairman & former CEO

George David

Former Chairman & CEO
United Technologies Corporation

Gordon Lankton

Former Chairman
Nypro Inc.

Jack Welch

Former CEO
General Electric

Joseph Engelberger

 The “father of robotics.”

James Womack

Lean Pioner & Author
The Machine that Changed the World

Lee Iacocca

Former President
Ford Motor Co.

Steve Jobs

Apple Inc., NeXT computer, iTunes, iPod, iPhone

William George

Former CEO & Chairman