2022 IW U.S. 500 Manufacturing Companies: Most Profitable Companies (Slideshow)

March 15, 2023
Pharmaceutical and medical device companies, especially those involved in COVID-19 testing, dominated the profit-margin metric with the 2022 list.

Two companies had more profit than sales (pretty hard to accomplish that feat), and several top financial performers found their way to this list. High sales totals are great, and big profits are nice, but profit margin has always been a great way to evaluate fiscal performance. By looking at profits as a portion of sales, you can find manufacturers in highly profitable niches 

This is the last slideshow based on the 2022 IW U.S. 500 list of the country's largest manufacturing companies. Expect big changes when we unveil the 2023 list in the coming months. 

RankPrimary IndustryName2021 Revenue (in millions)2021 Profit Margin2021 Net Income (in millions)2021 Revenue Growth
336Medical EquipmentBio-Rad Laboratories Inc.$2,923145.28%$4,24614.8%
335Medical EquipmentCooper Companies Inc.$2,923100.76%$2,94520.2%
95PharmaceuticalsRegeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.$16,07250.25%$8,07589.1%
77Computers & Other ElectronicsTexas Instruments Inc.$18,34442.35%$7,76926.9%
439PharmaceuticalsQuidel Corp.$1,69941.46%$7042.2%
91ChemicalsDuPont de Nemours Inc.$16,65338.83%$6,46716.1%
3Computers & Other ElectronicsMicrosoft Corp.$168,08836.45%$61,27117.5%
55Computers & Other ElectronicsNvidia Corp.$26,91436.23%$9,75261.4%
488MachinerySPX Corp.$1,22034.88%$4258.1%
212InstrumentsHologic Inc.$5,63233.23%$1,87249.1%

Data provided by Seeking Alpha and S&P Global.

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