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Business Process Outsourcing Works

Seventy three percent of respondents to a recent survey were satisfied that their business process outsourcing (BPO) had achieved the desired results. The study of 200 North American based business and IT decision makers was conducted by EquaTerra, an outsourcing and insourcing advisory firm, Managing Offshore newsletter and InformationWeek magazine. The focus of the study was specifically on customer satisfaction levels in Finance and Accounting outsourcing and HR outsourcing both onshore and offshore.

"BPO is rapidly ascending from its role as a platform for isolated business applications to a broader and more integral part of corporate strategy. This study shows that achieving high levels of BPO customer satisfaction takes more work on the part of the customer than it does on the part of the service providers. It is, in effect, a new business discipline," explains Rusty Weston, editor of Managing Offshore.


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