Cargill Chooses OSIsoft To Standardize Best Practices

As part of Cargill's strategy to standardize best practices throughout its organization, the company has chosen to use information within OSIsoft's real-time performance management (RtPM) platform.

Cargill will use the program to deliver real-time operational performance metrics with a common infrastructure across its enterprise. The data will be used to benchmark equipment reliability, plant efficiencies and ultimately identify and expand deployment of those applications that deliver operational performance gains.

"If the western world is to compete in manufacturing, we will have to become more sophisticated," said Ron Christenson, corporate vice president and chief technology officer, Cargill. "Part of this effort will certainly be based on the competitive advantage that real-time information delivers. We continuously hear from our plant managers that PI enables a more intelligent use of people's time and resources. It is truly a powerful advantage when people have insight into operational information and can quickly make the right decisions."

Within individual sites at Cargill, OSIsoft's RtPM platform has been employed for several years to monitor critical systems, ensure that compliance standards are met and optimize resources. The technology also helps sites identify and stay on target within various key performance indicators. For example, the information within the PI System can be used to calculate materials, temperature and other factors against product produced to determine exact efficiency in a given batch or process.

OSIsoft, a developer of performance management software, is based in San Leandro, Calif.

OSIsoft, Inc.

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