Cellular Modem Market Exploding

Modem shipments to exceed 68 million units by 2012, reports ABI Research

In a market characterized by increasing competition, cellular modem shiP.M.ents, including PC Cards and ExpressCards, USB modems, internal modems and 3G/Wi-Fi routers, will grow to over 68 million units by 2012, representing a compound annual growth rate of 53%.

Since the end of 2006, several modem vendors have launched, or announced develoP.M.ent of, USB cellular modems. A new study from ABI Research reveals a growing and increasingly competitive market and forecasts shipments of USB modems alone in excess of 22 million by 2012.

What does this mean for consumers? Added mobility and support for working on-the-go, anywhere you go.

It also likely means the death of the excuse "I couldn't find a wireless signal..."

For more on the report, visit www.abiresearch.com

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