Dell, Oracle and EMC Unveil Data Warehouse Initiative

Oracle recently announced its Oracle Optimized Warehouse initiative, a combination hardware and software product aimed at improving performance of data warehouse environments built on the Oracle Database with pre-configured hardware and storage products f

According to Dell and Oracle company sources, Oracle's Optimized Warehouse offering features Dell PowerEdge servers and EMC CLARiiON networked storage systems that have been configured and tested for optimal performance with Oracle Database. Oracle sources noted that the combined product contains the pre-installed data warehouse and business intelligence capabilities of Oracle Database, and that Optimized Warehouse will be supported as a single product, even though it consists of an integrated and pre-built database, storage, and server system.

Oracle indicated its Oracle Optimized Warehouse is targeted at data marts, enterprise data warehouses, and BI applications. Oracle said it offers reference configurations for customers who want flexibility in configuring data warehouse platforms rather than using the pre-built configurations.

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