Globalization Drives Communication Market

Making sure that everyone in the company is talking to each other is big business. In 2004, revenue in the enterprise communication software sector hit the $20 billion mark according to Frost & Sullivan a Palo Alto, Ca.-based consulting firm.

"The organization and security of digital information plays a key role in a company's success, particularly as enterprises in various markets continue to expand globally," notes Frost & Sullivan financial analyst Jim Regan. Revenues for the digital asset management sector of the communication market is projected to reach $750 million by 2007.

Globalization of the workforce is pushing companies to reach out for technology to not only fill communication gaps but create flexible communication with customers. Maintaining customer loyalty as well as securing new customers requires a robust two-way communication process.

Frost & Sullivan's report, "World Communication Software: Investment Analysis and Growth Opportunities," examines the breadth of the communication market -- including CRM, content management, collaboration, product life cycle management and supply chain management. Security of data, an increasingly worrisome issue, is covered in this report as well.

For an electronic copy of the report email Mireya Castilla -- Corporate Communications at [email protected] with the following information: your full name, company name, title, telephone number, e-mail address, city, state, and country.

Frost & Sullivan

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