IBM Offers Compliance Solution To Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

IBM Healthcare and Life Sciences is offering to help pharmaceutical manufacturers protect future revenues, accelerate time to peak sales and reduce cost of goods sold with a new solution called Proof of Concept (PoC).

"The business transformation is highly complex, and the route map of activities and changes an organization needs to take is not always clear. Companies need a framework to help take them to the end state of higher production efficiency, lower operational costs, and effective regulatory compliance," said Steve Arlington, global pharmaceutical industry leader, IBM Business Consulting Services. "With the PoC, we demonstrate how a Compliance Centric Architecture can enable our clients to transform their development and manufacturing processes."

IBM will bring its experience in improving manufacturing process to life sciences companies through its established partnership with Rockwell Automation. Currently 95% of the Fortune 50 pharmaceutical companies use Rockwell Automation solutions to optimize their manufacturing and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

IBM Life Sciences

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