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IFS Launches IFS Touch Apps

TripTracker, NotifyMe are first two in what will be a series of IFS apps integrated with their software package.

IFS, a global enterprise applications company, announced at its 2011 Customer Summit that it has launched a new series of applications for the Android and iPhone users, according to Dan Matthews, IFS' chief technology officer.

The first two applications, the product of IFS Labs' work, are TripTracker and NotifyMe, an expense reporting application and an IFS application notification program, respectively. What makes the rollout unusual is that the apps will connect users with their IFS applications through a cloud, Matthews said.

"We want to make this easy for our customers to adapt, to keep up with the latest versions of these apps without causing our customers too much trouble," Matthews said. "That's why we decided to house these apps in a public cloud.

These first two apps are just the beginning, Matthews said. They will be working with early adopters as more applications are developed. The app rollouts will start in earnest this fall and continue through 2012.

"We are always trying to improve the user experience, and our users are increasingly mobile," Matthews said. "We believe creating these mobile apps will serve that increasingly active workforce."

To see an interview with IFS executives about this new rollout, click here.

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