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Inspection Software Converts Machine Tools Into Coordinate Measuring Machines

In an effort to correct an aspect of lean manufacturing that is currently hindered due to CAD data incompatibility, the Advanced Integrated Mathematical Systems (AIMS, which was jointly developed by the Boeing Company and Metroner Group) is now integrated into a new release of Shadow Automation Inc.'s Metrolosys 9.5. AIMS is a software solution that enables bi-directional sharing of CAD geometry, inspection plans and measurement plans between industrial hardware and software platforms.

The Metrolosys 9.5, adds a quality inspection process based on the new capability of adding measurement and/or inspection plans to the CAD model. After machining a part, it is already set-up for in-place inspection. A design engineer would now be able access 100% of the manufacturing results of a part or an assembly. Additionally, machine-tool downtime can be reduced up to 75%.

Shadow Automation

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