IT Trendwatch for 2008

A new year brings a fresh set of predictions.

John Hagel, co-chairman of Deloitte's Silicon Valley-based research center, and Deloitte's national technology sector leader Eric Openshaw offer their predictions for the new year as they pertain to manufacturers:

Green IT:

Expect to see the emergence of "warranting" bodies or services certifying environmental and energy conservation claims.

The unbundling of the corporation:

There will be an increase in the separation of product development and customer relationship management into distinct businesses, which will be seen most dramatically in tech and bio-tech.

Social media:

There will be a growing impact of social media as an enterprise tool.

The continued "consumerization" of the tech industry:

The old paradigm is reversed -- consumers will increasingly be first to adopt new products and services, with enterprises then adapting them for business advantage.

Mergers & acquisitions:

Expect the pattern of "predator" and "prey" behavior to continue.

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