New Equipment Monitoring Capabilities

AllMax Software releases new maintenance data management software

A new Work Order Request function that enables users to submit a request for a specific task or piece of equipment is a key benefit of Antero v4.10. Created by AllMax Software, the maintenance data management software helps eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs.

The work order request can include the date, time, priority, equipment, description, who requested the work order and other relative information. It will also show any changes to the status, notes that may have been added to the request, and managing users can read, close, or associate a request with an open work order.

Open Work Orders for selected pieces of equipment can now store equipment downtime status information. In the Equipment Downtime section, users can enter the shutdown and startup times for equipment. An Open Work Order General Report has been added to the report options, which will include equipment downtime information.

Antero also allows users to build preventive maintenance schedules, monitor tasks and track assets, meters/gauges, contractors, purchase orders, consumables usage and expenses.

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