Production Monitoring Software Enables Remote Weld Data Review

Lincoln Electric Co.'s Production Monitoring Software enables users to monitor weld data for any networked Power Wave power source, according to the Cleveland-based provider of arc welding products.

Additionally, the solution allows users to store and share files, monitor production tasks, set weld limits and tolerance, and track consumable inventory. Also, welding machine faults can be logged and e-mailed, while diagnostic troubleshooting can be performed from a remote location.

By integrating digital technology to network welding equipment, users will be able to perform the following functions from anywhere in the world:

  • Collect and store long- and short-term weld history.
  • Pinpoint work-shift problems and evaluate production cycle and output using work-shift timers and production reports.
  • Manage and set tolerance data for each of 32 unique weld profiles.
  • E-mail data to multiple users to provide information on specific events, potential and real-time problems.
Lincoln Electric Co.

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