Satyam Joins AUTOSAR

Group creates open standards for automotive electronics architectures

Satyam Computer Services Ltd., a consulting and information technology services provider, recently announced that it has been accepted as an Associate Member of AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture), a partnership of automotive original equipment manufacturers, suppliers and tool vendors. The group's objective is to create and establish open standards for automotive electronics architectures, which are replacing proprietary standards throughout the industry.

AUTOSAR also provides standards for basic software that customers never see, including the runtime environment, network and nonvolatile management.

"The organization (AUTOSAR) is helping companies in the automotive industry cooperate on standards, which enables them to demonstrate their true business value to the marketplace. That approach fosters innovation and healthy competition, and enables exceptional organizations to shine," said Kenneth Taormina, head of Satyam's Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Group.

AUTOSAR's open architectures help create a plug-and-play environment where software modules can be placed into broadly accepted electronics architectures seamlessly and without disruption. Its standardized architecture enables automotive industry companies to focus on their core businesses, i.e., developing new and unique features that differentiate their products and please customers. Satyam's participation in the consortium gives it access to AUTOSAR standards, including many that are not publicly accessible.

"We welcome Satyam's 800 embedded architecture experts into the AUTOSAR fold and look forward to a trustful collaboration," said Dr. Juergen Moessinger of AUTOSAR.

AUTOSAR's programs also facilitate the reuse of code, which leads to a more robust and sound software "foundation." Additionally, the ability to reuse automotive industry software reduces development costs and time-to-market significantly.

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