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Surveillance Market To Reach $6.48 Billion By 2012

End-users' need for remote accessibility of real-time data will push the world Internet Protocol (IP) surveillance markets from $435.8 million in 2005 to $6.48 billion in 2012, according to research firm Frost & Sullivan's report, "World Internet Protocol Surveillance Markets."

"IP surveillance system facilitates remote accessibility of real time data, which is the greatest differentiating factor with respect to conventional systems," says Frost & Sullivan research analyst Sathya Durga. "Through this feature any video data which may be live or recorded can be accessed from any location in the world through network systems."

The growth in IP surveillance requires that a company's security department will now need to work more closely with the IT department. "Training the IT department with respect to their roles in implementing the IP surveillance system is highly essential. Training with respect to various aspects such as security precautions, network links and quality of service is highly essential," says Durga.

In the manufacturing sector, IP cameras are being armed with temperature sensors, fluid detectors, door sensors and other specifications. These sensors and detectors are programmed to alert the user during undesirable situations, such as equipment failure caused due to exposure to heat, humidity and other reasons. End-users can designate equipment alerts to arrive via email, telephone or pager.

The survey can be found by clicking here.

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