Top 10 Tech Stories of 2007

The most popular tech stories with the IndustryWeek audience.

2007 was a banner year for IT and its impact on the manufacturing field, as evidenced by the following articles, which were the most popular news stories in IndustryWeek's Information Technology e-newsletter over the past year:

  1. Second Life: What Is It, and Why Should Manufacturers Care?
  2. Life Beyond CRM: SaaS Grows Up
  3. Six Keys For Effective IT Investment
  4. An IT Trade War? The Rise of the New Mercantilists
  5. Give Yourself Some "Wiggle Room" to Drive Innovation
  6. SMBs: False Sense of IT Security
  7. GreenSigma: Evidence of Carbon-based SCO at IBM?
  8. Viruses Targeted At Senior Management
  9. Tire Recall Looms, Chinese Product Problems Roll On
  10. SAP Expands Expert Forums Into Manufacturing Sector

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