Visiprise Update Provides 'Out-of-box' Integrated Repetitive Features for Discrete Manufacturers

Updated solution provides manufacturers with a complete record of how their products were manufactured, from planning to execution.

Visiprise, recently announced the availability of Visiprise ERP Shop Floor Integration 2.0, a packaged composite application for use with the SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) application. The solution integrates the SAP ERP application with the SAP Manufacturing Execution to provide manufacturers in the complex, discrete manufacturing industries with a complete record of how their products were manufactured, from planning to execution. Visiprise is a provider of manufacturing execution for integrated manufacturing operations.

The product provides two-way information channel to integrate and synchronize the enterprise and shop floor activities by giving executives real-time visibility into cost, labor and material inventory and giving shop floor personnel access to up-to-date design and production data that allows them to respond to changes more efficiently to reduce scrap, rework and other bottlenecks caused by traditional manual inefficiencies.

Some other new features include:

  • Planned order integration -- Planned orders in SAP ERP are now integrated into SAP Manufacturing Execution by Visiprise, with execution against the orders reported back to SAP ERP to provide full support for repetitive manufacturing.
  • Batch confirmation -- Utilizes batch management on finished good materials within SAP ERP and assigns appropriate Batch ID to shop orders in SAP Manufacturing Execution, creating uninterrupted connection from component traceability through logistics.
  • Batch traceability reporting -- Provides detailed component, assembly and delivery information -- extremely valuable to Automotive, A&D and Hi-Tech manufacturers during any component recall exercise.
  • Multiple integration landscapes -- Through SAP MII, supports single-to-single, single-to-multi, multi-single, and multi-multi integration between SAP ERP and SAP Manufacturing Execution for transparency of data between enterprise and shop floor.

"Visiprise ERP Shop Floor Integration leverages SAP MII for rapid implementation and lower total cost of ownership for our customers. Version 2.0 allows us to extend this solution to manufacturers looking to support their repetitive manufacturing needs," said Frank Schuler, vice president, Solution Management Manufacturing, SAP.

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