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July 11, 2008
A look at some new technology

Elysium has released data verification tool CADdoctor EX3.0, which helps translate data into the most usable form for computer-aided design, computer-aided engineering and computer-aided manufacturing. The latest release expands capabilities for data translation from scanned geometry for modeling to surface preparation for molding and manufacturing parts. New options in the latest release include a quality check for mold manufacturing. This option checks models for draft angle, undercut, wall thickness and other manufacturability issues. A universal transformation option deforms a model to capture analysis results or springback from stamping.

SimManager R3, a scalable simulation content and process management solution, is now available from MSC.Software. New capabilities include the introduction of SimManager Workgroup Edition to provide out-of-the-box simulation content management; an improved user interface and graphical process builder; and direct integration to MSC applications including Patran, SimExpert and SimDesigner, and open support of third-party applications.

Dassault Systemes has released Abaqus 6.8, a unified finite element analysis software suite from Simulia. The software provider says enhancements address core areas, including modeling and results visualization, structural analysis and general contact. Among specific improvements are composites analysis capabilities that allow aerospace engineers to simulate the behavior of composite crack propagation, delamination and possible failure. Additionally, a low-cycle fatigue method assists in assessing the lifecycle of solder joints, and is also useful in evaluating powertrain durability and bone degradation in biomechanical applications.

The Velocity Series from Siemens PLM Software is a preconfigured portfolio of digital product design, analysis, manufacturing and data management software for the middle market. Included in the Velocity Series is Solid Edge, which is the CAD component. The new version of Solid Edge incorporates Synchronous Technology, the digital product development technology introduced earlier this year. Other components of the Velocity series are Teamcenter Express cPDM, CAM Express and Femap FEA. The new versions will be available in the third and fourth quarters.

Infor has unveiled its latest version of PLM Runtime, a product lifecycle management solution geared specifically toward the apparel and footwear manufacturing industries. The solution addresses the very short lifecycle of the fashion industry with features such as improved supplier collaboration. New enhancements include universal symbols for care labels, eliminating the need to translate care instructions for products sold globally, and sample order processing, which allows multiple bids to be sent to vendors and automatically converted to sales orders.

HyperWorks 9.0, an engineering simulation solution from Altair Engineering, embeds grid computing management tools with compute-intensive CAE software applications. Modeling and visualization advances include HyperCrash, an automotive crash pre-processor, and a Windows-like graphical user interface. On the optimization and data management side, the new release includes rapid multibody dynamics optimization and free-shape optimization with manufacturing constraints.

PLM solutions provider PTC has introduced ProductView 9.1. The newest release of this visual collaboration software offers a scalable platform that can accommodate varying complexity levels of visual information, including viewing of million-part digital mockups. ProductView MCAD, a key component of the ProductView 9.1 family, has been improved. Enhancements include improved file compression capabilities, smart tools for rapid creation of exploded views, and better queries on spatial proximity and meta-data to provide interactive, real-time graphical reports and reduce visual complexity.

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