Forecast: What's In Demand?

Aug. 10, 2007
Here's a look at the U.S. market for Bearings, Fluorpolymers and Industrial Valves

Below is a look at what demands for these three products will be in 2011.

Ball, roller and plan bearings:

U.S. demand for these components is forecast to rise 3.1% per year through 2011 to $10.4 billion. A pickup in nonresidential investment will boost demand for bearings used in both original equipment manufacturing and maintenance/ repair/ operations applications.


U.S. demand for fluoropolymers (including fluoroelastomers) will rise 5.7% per year through 2011 to $1.9 billion. Gains will be driven by improved market trends in key fluoropolymer applications such as wire and cable, motor vehicles and architectural coatings.

Industrial Valves:

U.S. demand for industrial valves is forecast to rise 3.2% annually through 2011 to more than $16 billion. Valve prices rose substantially between 2001 and 2006 due to rising raw material costs for primary and fabricated metals as well as plastic resins. Raw material prices are expected to moderate through 2011, reducing price pressure for valves.

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