Product Development Solutions

Sept. 12, 2008
New solutions and the latest releases for product development personnel

EMDS-for-ADS from Agilent Technologies is an integrated design flow solution that includes full 3-D electromagnetic (EM) simulation for RF module design. The solution is integrated into Agilent's Advanced Design System electronic design automation platform. With EMDS-for-ADS, designers can predict the 3-D EM interactions of embedded passive components in RF modules while co-simulating with active circuits to maximize the wireless sub-system performance. The improvements to the integrated simulator allow designers to more quickly analyze larger circuits faster without leaving their familiar design flow, Agilent says.

BlueCielo ECM Solutions has released InnoCielo Global Collaboration Framework 2008. This is the latest version of the InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise module, which enables the exchange of content and collaborative workflow among geographically dispersed engineering teams. A variety of engineering content can be exchanged, from Microsoft Office documents to 3-D CAD assemblies. Metadata and references are exchanged with the engineering content, which preserves essential relations between individual files. This latest version's enhanced features include automatic synchronization of workflow, optimization of the scheduled export process and replication of renamed documents.

Shorter design times are promised with the release by Cadence Design Systems of SPB 16.2, which addresses challenges faced by integrated circuit (IC) package designers or design teams. This latest software release offers advanced IC/system-in-package miniaturization, design cycle reduction and design-for-manufacturing driven design. It also includes a new power integrity modeling solution. SPB 16.2 introduces rules and constraint-driven automation capabilities that address high-density interconnect substrate manufacturing, an enabler for miniaturization and increased functional density.

CarSim 7.1 vehicle dynamics software from Mechanical Simulation Corp., which simulates the dynamic vehicle behavior of cars, light trucks and utility vehicles, can output more than 700 computed variables that can be plotted and analyzed. Its math models describe entire chassis systems and inputs from the driver, road and aerodynamics. Among updates to CarSim is the addition of advanced tire models through a partnership with TNO Automotive.

PAM-ASSEMBLY 2008 from ESI Group is a simulation software tool for improving welding and welding assembly processes. The tool helps users identify the direction and magnitude of welding distortion, allowing the implementation of countermeasures to keep welding distortion within prescribed tolerances. Among the major enhancements to the product are a revised graphic user interface to simplify workflow and improvements to the automatic meshing capabilities. ESI Group also has released VA One 2008.0, a complete solution for simulating noise and vibration across the full frequency range. The solution combines finite elements, boundary elements and statistical energy analysis in one model.

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