100% Biodegradable Oil Available For Automotive Use

May 20, 2007
Nano Chemical Systems Holding introduces Nanoil, a line of biodegradable motor as alternative for consumers

Nano Chemical Systems Holdings recently announced an entry into the multi-billion dollar performance chemical category, Nanoil, a "nano-enhanced" green motor oil. Unlike today's fossil and synthetic oils, Nanoil is non-toxic and bio-degradable, thus eliminating the current disposal issues with present commercially available lubricants.

Initial results indicate that these bio-lubricants can perform as well as today's fossil and synthetic oils. Further, the viability of bio-fuel production can be significantly enhanced by utilization of materials needed to be removed from biodiesel and using these materials as feed stocks for Nanoil.

With retailers such as Home Depot and Wal-Mart announcing huge "green" initiatives, the company anticipates easy acceptance for its new biodegradable product into the extremely competitive motor oil market. Further, consumers are looking for ways to find green alternatives and there are plenty of consumer awareness programs being directed at the consumer of how to properly use these new green products and how to dispose of non-friendly old products.

"Disposing of used motor oil is a constant challenge for do-it-yourself consumers and, though it is never recommended, they will dispose of it in a variety of ways including dumping it into their yard," says Lou Petrucci, COO and VP Sales of NanoChem. "With 100% biodegradable oil, this activity will no longer present an environmental concern."

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