Why Manufacturing Will Be Hot Again (INFOGRAPHIC)

Why Manufacturing Will Be Hot Again (INFOGRAPHIC)

3-D printing expected to spark 'the Age of Mass Customization.'

What's next for American industry? A new research report prepared by Philip Auerswald of George Mason University for Zurich offers a "back to the future" prediction that manufacturing, energy and agriculture will become hot industries in the next decade.

3-D printing and low-cost computer-aided design will spark a revolution in manufacturing as entrepreneurs become able not just to manufacture products in the U.S. but in their homes and workshops.

"Homegrown 'exporters' will start to connect with 'importers' anywhere in the world as 'scale out' technology flattens supply chains," the report predicts, adding that technology will continue to drive a U.S. manufacturing revival.

This infographic illustrates these major changes examined in the report.

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