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Manufacturing Hall of Fame NOMINATION FORM

Manufacturing Hall of Fame NOMINATION FORM

IndustryWeek will accept nominations from now through Sept. 15.

To be eligible for the IndustryWeek Manufacturing Hall of Fame, nominees must be living and must have had careers and business activities directly associated with manufacturing in the United States.

Eligible candidates’ achievements should fall into one or more of the following categories:

►Significantly improving manufacturing efficiency and productivity through their process and/or technology innovations.

►Establishing widely accepted best practices in operational areas such as (but not limited to) management, product development, safety, purchasing, quality, and supply chain and logistics.

►Creating manufacturing companies—and even entire industries—from the ground up, through their product ideas and/or innovative approaches to doing business.

►Setting new standards for manufacturers in areas such as sustainability and corporate responsibility.

►Revitalizing organizations and operations through continuous improvement efforts and/or innovative business practices.

►Influencing and supporting as well as advocating for the cause of U.S. manufacturing through their research, writing, activism, policies or thought leadership.

To read all of IndustryWeek's Hall of Fame coverage, click here.

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