IW US 500: Top Medical Equipment Manufacturers (slideshow)

Sept. 22, 2022

Manufacturers of genetic sequencing equipment and Invisalign orthodontic devices, of robotic surgery machines and surgical sutures, landed in the medical-equipment category for 2022's IndustryWeek US 500.

Click through the slideshow to see the Top 10. The accompanying table lists all 17 medical-equipment manufacturers that made this year's list, along with the data that earned them a prime spot.

RankPrimary IndustryName2021 Revenue (in millions)2021 Profit Margin2021 Net Income (in millions)2021 Revenue Growth
68Medical EquipmentBecton, Dickinson and Co.$20,24810.33%$2,09218.3%
87Medical EquipmentStryker Corp.$17,10811.66%$1,99419.2%
112Medical EquipmentBaxter International Inc.$12,78410.04%$1,2849.5%
120Medical EquipmentBoston Scientific Corp.$11,8888.76%$1,04119.9%
162Medical EquipmentZimmer Biomet Holdings Inc.$7,8365.12%$40211.6%
209Medical EquipmentIntuitive Surgical Inc.$5,71029.85%$1,70531.0%
236Medical EquipmentPerkinElmer Inc.$5,06718.61%$94334.0%
257Medical EquipmentIllumina Inc.$4,52616.84%$76239.7%
265Medical EquipmentDentsply Sirona Inc.$4,2519.90%$42127.2%
275Medical EquipmentAlign Technology Inc.$3,95319.53%$77259.9%
316Medical EquipmentResMed Inc.$3,19714.84%$4758.1%
328Medical EquipmentVontier Corp.$2,99113.81%$41310.6%
336Medical EquipmentBio-Rad Laboratories Inc.$2,923145.28%$4,24614.8%
335Medical EquipmentCooper Companies Inc.$2,923100.76%$2,94520.2%
357Medical EquipmentEnvista Holdings Corp.$2,50913.57%$34130.1%
450Medical EquipmentIntegra LifeSciences Holdings Corp.$1,54210.96%$16912.4%
481Medical EquipmentICU Medical Inc.$1,3167.83%$1033.6%

Data provided by Seeking Alpha and S&P Global.

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