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The Manufacturer's Agenda: In Search of Stable Ground

June 22, 2022
Market volatility and inflation were positive forces for manufacturing profits in 2021, but chaos makes planning difficult.
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IndustryWeek US 500

Manufacturing Markets: Where Companies Are and Where They're Going (Video)

June 20, 2022
IndustryWeek editors discuss the IW U.S. 500 list of publicly traded manufacturing companies and the health of the overall economy.
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So that Happened: Free Tech School Tuition, Charging Station Manufacturing in Michigan, Changes to the IW U.S. 500

June 15, 2022
IndustryWeek editors offer a look into vehicle electrification, broad changes to manufacturing markets and efforts to train workers to fill critical job openings.
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The IW U.S. 500: Manufacturing Profits Surge

June 14, 2022
Following an extremely tough 2020, manufacturing sales and profits roared back last year, with inflation dramatically boosting the performance of key market segments.
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The 2022 IndustryWeek U.S. 500 List Download

June 13, 2022
Download the key performance metrics from the largest public manufacturers in the U.S. in .pdf format.