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2017 IW 1000: The World’s Largest Machinery Manufacturers

Machinery manufacturers had a down year, relatively speaking, but plenty of them are still among the biggest companies in the world.

On a micro level, machinery manufacturers around the globe appear to be struggling, at least relatively speaking. According to the IndustryWeek 1000, our list of the largest manufacturers in the world by annual revenue, each of the top five companies in the space dropped year over year. So did nine of the top 14. And 16 of the top 25. And 24 of the top 35. And 34 of the top 48. And on and on.

On a more macro level, though, business is still good.

Fifty-six machinery manufacturers are among the 1,000 largest manufacturers on the planet — again, in terms of nothing other than total annual revenue. Only Petroleum & Coal Products (113), Chemicals (95), Computers & Other Electronics (94), Food (83) and Primary Metals (69) landed more on our list.

Oh, and the United States is still home to some of the biggest companies in the space. How many American companies cracked the top 10 this year? And who are they? Click on to find out.

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