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Announcing IndustryWeek Intelligence

Feb. 8, 2021
Our goal is to use this platform and the exclusive content it contains to create a new manufacturing community where leaders can exchange ideas, gather intelligence and push the entire industry forward.

Editor's note: Due to confusion over the names of various sections of the website, we have renamed IndustryWeek Intelligence to IndustryWeek Members Only. Nothing about the service has changed other than its name.

For the past 51 years, IndustryWeek has been publishing original, expert-driven articles and insights outlining the best practices, trends and operational strategies manufacturing executives and leaders need to run their businesses more effectively, to overcome the myriad challenges they face and to stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry.

Today, we are proud to introduce a new component to this mission: IndustryWeek Intelligence. This members-only resource on will serve as home for an ongoing series of research and reports, webinars and podcasts, and executive-level commentary and analysis that extend beyond IW’s typical coverage. This content is custom-designed for executive readers who are looking for data and insights that cut straight to the chasedemonstrating exactly where their markets are today and where they're going tomorrow in a form that translates directly into boardrooms and strategy meetings to fuel faster, smarter business decisions.

As this resource develops over the coming months, so will the community it serves. Our goal is to position this site and the exclusive content it contains as a new manufacturing community within IW where leaders can exchange ideas, gather intelligence and push the entire industry forward. I hope that you will join us on this new endeavor and help us shape its course into exactly what you need it to be.

Registration is free, of course, and requires only a minute to complete at the IndustryWeek Intelligence sign-up page. For those of you who are already registered users of IndustryWeek, you will only be asked to update your site registration by answering two quick questions.

Once you make it through that, I encourage you to dig in and explore the content we have already lined up for you.


Travis Hessman
[email protected]

About the Author

Travis Hessman | Content Director

Travis Hessman is the editor-in-chief and senior content director for IndustryWeek and New Equipment Digest. He began his career as an intern at IndustryWeek in 2001 and later served as IW's technology and innovation editor. Today, he combines his experience as an educator, a writer, and a journalist to help address some of the most significant challenges in the manufacturing industry, with a particular focus on leadership, training, and the technologies of smart manufacturing.

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