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Recent Reads: What Your Colleagues Are Viewing

April 23, 2021
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It is the end of the workweek for many, and if you are lucky, you may have a moment to catch up with some of the reading you missed earlier in the week. IndustryWeek has made it easy for you to choose selections to review by identifying the most-viewed content from the past week at IndustryWeek.com. These selections, however, are simply a slice of the great content available at IndustryWeek.com, so we encourage you to spend a little time here and discover our wealth of great reading and viewing.  

GM, LG Announce New $2.3 Billion Tennessee EV Battery Plant Read more.

Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries of 2021 Read more.

With China Policy in Tatters, OEMs Best Expect More Shortages Read more.

Foxconn Cuts Down on Job-Creation, Investment Agreements in Wisconsin Renegotiation Read more.

Taiwan's Worst Drought in Decades Deepens Chip Shortage Jitters Read more.

Virginia Volvo Truck Workers Go On Strike Read more.

Is Hypertruck Ready for Showtime? Read more.

NASA Chooses SpaceX to Take Humans Back to Moon Read more.

FDA: Litany of Problems at Botched-Vaccine Plant Read more.

Johnson & Johnson Releases Company Earnings as Health Agencies Evaluate Vaccine Read more.

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