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Another Chance for Infrastructure

Sept. 17, 2018
CG/LA Infrastructure’s CEO & Chairman Norman Anderson talks about the critical need for infrastructure leadership in the U.S., the role of the public sector, and technological advances increasingly impacting the market.

The nation’s infrastructure is no worse for the Trump administration’s stalled $200 billion infrastructure development plan, but it’s no better either. As the most recent presidency to see its infrastructure plans sidetracked by other political issues, questions around leadership, particularly as AI and other new technologies promise to change our daily lives.

Icons of Infrastructure reporter Carl Winfield spoke with CG/LA Infrastructure CEO & Chairman Norman Anderson in advance of the group’s North American Leadership Forum, held in Dallas, Texas on October 23 – 25 on the current state of infrastructure development in the US and the challenges ahead.

IOI: The administration’s big infrastructure push has clearly been subsumed by other issues. What does this do to the idea of trust since this was a bipartisan issue?

NA: The Trump administration is not the only one to have focused on infrastructure. This started with Clinton, then Bush, Obama and now Trump. They’ve all talked about it, and to a large extent they’ve all been elected based on this promise.

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