Letters To The Editor For September 2007

Aug. 10, 2007
Neanderthals and the clueless

Viva Neanderthal

Re "Brandt On Leadership -- Neanderthal Inc.," June 2007.

I am behind you 150% (That means that there is another half of me, probably a clone, running around out there somewhere that doesn't support you.) Heck, I hope that people in the White House read this so they can come on board, too. If we all work together, we can change the country and our international brethren's belief in how smart we really are. We can change from Capitalism to Neanderthalism, Now wouldn't that be special?

Gary Meeks
process and implementation manager
Miami, Fla.

You always put a different view on things that I find interesting.

I continue to watch American industry spiral down. Management by magazine is what I call it. An executive reads something in a trade rag and all of a sudden it is the new rage.

Massive effort accompanies it and most workers just stand and watch and wonder what the next fad is.

John T. Merryman
quality assurance manager
Des Plaines, Ill.

Crazy Pitches from The Clueless

Re "Brandt On Leadership -- Clueless Customer Contests," August 2007.

I had a lab equipment supplier trying to sell me a piece of equipment that was well over $100k. After I explained clearly why we didn't need the equipment, he tried one more time" "but this is the same unit that they use on 'CSI Miami.'"

Colin Macqueen
director of technology
Fort Wayne, Ind.

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