Freescale Semiconductor Receives Ethics Award

Sept. 27, 2007
Recognized for "Impeccable Ethics" program

Freescale Semiconductor, a manufacturer of embedded semiconductors for the automotive, consumer, industrial, networking and wireless markets, received the 2007 American Business Ethics Award from The Foundation for Financial Service Professionals on Sept. 26.

The award recognizes companies that exemplify high standards of ethical behavior in their everyday business conduct and in response to specific crises or challenges. Freescale was the winner in the large company category (2,500 or more employees). Past winners include Whirlpool Corp., Starbucks Coffee Co. and Lockheed Martin Corp.

Freescale created a set of key values called "Freescale Fundamentals" to create a desired company culture back in 2004. Included in this program was "Impeccable Ethics" which it defined as "being the most ethical company in the business." The program also includes Freescale's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, an online employee training program ,as well as a "Test Your Ethics IQ" module for its corporate Intranet.

Another area of focus for the Austin, Texas-based Freescale, is the ability to support a variety of cultures as the company conducts operates globally. Its programs have been recognized as containing many "best practice" elements necessary of an ethical environment across a multi-national employee population.

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