GM to Visualize Software Applications before Development

Oct. 8, 2008
Visual modeling reduced project duration by 10%

General Motors is deploying, enterprise-wide, visual modeling technology that simulates the user experience of software applications before their actual use. GM is incorporating this transformative technology into its global processes to produce simulations that develop more user-friendly IT systems.

Deploying visualization software from iRise,a provider of visualization software, and using a rapid prototyping process developed by Capgemini, GM has already implemented a number of business applications built from this modeling process that have accelerated time-to-market, cut project costs and increased the adoption of applications, according to iRise. On average, visual modeling reduced project duration by 10% and the projects received very high customer satisfaction ratings.

"For a century, GM has successfully and consistently built high quality cars and trucks by first creating product simulations or models," said Fred Killeen, Chief Systems & Technology Officer at General Motors. "Applying this expertise to visual modeling of software enables GM to deliver increasingly collaborative, innovative and user-centric products to our employees and customers."

Capgemini's Rapid Design and Visualization methodology provides a systematic approach to designing applications and envisioning their use through end-user observations, deep collaboration amongst stakeholders and the presentation of multiple alternative prototypes. "GM is a pioneer in visual modeling and has led IT to a tipping point where simulation and user-centered design will become the standard for application development," said Corey Glickman, global leader of Rapid Design and Visualization at Capgemini. "Implementing system visualization across the enterprise allowed GM to bridge the gap between IT, the business and the users of each software application."

GM worked with Capgemini and iRise in 2006 to launch the Global Retail Integration (GRI) initiative a Web-based solution to provide a secure information exchange and communication infrastructure between GM and its dealers for improved ordering, sales, service, parts and business administration. Through the success of the GRI, GM has expanded the use of software visual modeling to a number of other development projects and has promoted visual modeling as a leading practice in IT. These projects include the creation of new functionality for OnStar, improvements in monitoring manufacturing quality, analysis of global cost structuring for supply chains, and global resource planning to support new vehicle development.

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