Apple, Dell, P&G, IBM, Cisco Systems Top Supply Chain List

May 28, 2009
AMR Research announced its 2009 Supply Chain Top 25

AMR Research released its Supply Chain Top 25 on May 28, which identifies those Fortune Global 500 companies that best display superior supply chain performance, capabilities and leadership.

In volatile markets, the list of the Supply Chain Top 25 companies has repeatedly outperformed the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500, and NASDAQ. Last years list beat the markets by 6 to 10 percentage points.

The AMR Research Supply Chain Top 25 for 2009 is:

1. Apple
2. Dell
3. Procter & Gamble
4. IBM
5. Cisco Systems
6. Nokia
7. Wal-Mart Stores
8. Samsung Electronics
9. PepsiCo
10. Toyota Motor
11. Schlumberger
12. Johnson & Johnson
13. The Coca-Cola Company
14. Nike
15. Tesco
16. Walt Disney
17. Hewlett-Packard
18. Texas Instruments
19. Lockheed Martin
20. Colgate Palmolive
21. Best Buy
22. Unilever
23. Publix Super Markets
24. SonyEricsson
25. Intel

"Over the past five years, this report has chronicled the emergence of new ideas like the build-to-order model pioneered by Dell and the emergence of content-based value chains exemplified by Apple and Disney," said Kevin OMarah, chief strategy officer at AMR Research. "While economic uncertainty slowed demand, companies on this years list used demand driven principles to detect a troubled economy early and secure their cash positions well enough to maintain momentum on vital initiatives. 2010-2011 will show how such foresight pays dividends with greater supply chain agility and the ability to tackle competitors and deliver huge earnings in the climb out."

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