Machining Times Reduced 20%

July 9, 2008
New WorkNC module optimizes feedrates to cut machining times

WorkNC G3, a CAM/CAD software solution from Sescoi, has a new NCspeed module, developed by FORMTEC, that can produce additional cycle time reductions of up to 20% for complex parts, molds and dies, according to the companies.

Currently WorkNC G3 automatically generates optimized roughing and finishing toolpaths for 2 to through to 5-axis machining applications, however NCspeed uses a computer generated stock model that is updated dynamically and continuously. This method allows the new module to calculate the load and thus forces generated on the cutting tool. It will then adjust the feedrates up during conditions of a light cutter load. Conversely, for cutter safety, NCspeed can lower feedrates where appropriate, such as during areas of high cutter loads.

Furthermore, by keeping tool loads as constant as possible, NCspeed can help engineers achieve the best possible cutting conditions across the whole job, which will have a positive impact on accuracy and the quality of the surface finish. In particular, the performance of small diameter and long cutters will benefit from optimization with NCspeed. By avoiding excessive load conditions and endeavoring to keep the volume of material being cut the same at all times, cutter deflection will be minimized, tool life increased, excessive vibration and chatter eliminated and cutter breakage avoided.

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