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Mondelez Joins P&G, Colgate-Palmolive to Make Packaging Recyclable

Oct. 11, 2018
Mondelez International committed to making all of its packaging recyclable by 2025.

By now most people are aware of that a lot of plastic is floating in our waterways.

As far as back 2015 a study estimated that 8 million tons of plastics are swept into waterways annually — equivalent to a garbage truckload every minute.

In the marine environment, plastics break down into indigestible particles that marine life mistake for food. If no actions are taken, oceans are expected to contain more plastic than fish by 2050. 

In an effort to reduce waste, many companies are reviewing their packaging plans. And they have been pushed to do this over the past several years by a shareholder activist group called As You Sow.

On Oct. 10, food and beverage giant Mondelez International committed to making all of its packaging recyclable by 2025. 

“We welcome this action by Mondelez International following shareholder engagement on recyclable packaging and related plastic pollution issues,” said Conrad MacKerron, senior vice president of As You Sow. “We hope the company can actually achieve this earlier than 2025 as every month seems to bring new findings about the severity of plastic pollution.”

In fact, in a report released on Oct. 9, Mondelez packaging was the fifth most frequently found brand waste collected as part of more than 200 audits done in 42 countries by environmental groups working on plastic pollution. 

Mondelez is the fifth largest consumer goods company to make a significant commitment to recycling packaging following engagement with As You Sow. In 2014, Procter & Gamble agreed to make 90% of its packaging recyclable, and Colgate-Palmolive pledged to make packaging recyclable in three of four operating divisions, both by 2020.

In 2017, Unilever agreed to a similar commitment by 2025. In August 2018, KraftHeinz agreed to make all packaging recyclable, compostable, or reusable by 2025.

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