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Traffic Jam

The Cost of Traffic Delays? Don’t Ask a Manufacturing Company

Despite the fact that traffic delays due to congestion and roads in disrepair are on the rise, manufacturing executives maintain a very limited understanding of the importance of infrastructure to their bottom line.

In pursuit of continuous improvement, leading manufacturers today are highly skilled at reducing waste and taking unnecessary cost out of their operations.

But that’s not the case when it comes to the impact of transportation delays.

The manufacturing industry understands that all companies would be better off if our roads and bridges were fixed. In fact, the National Association of Manufacturers has taken up arms and is calling upon the Trump Administration to “Undertake an infrastructure effort that seeks to modernize our aging systems, put to work private-sector capital to increase efficiencies and deliver results, prioritize and expand public investment and make a long-term federal commitment to infrastructure.”

But the cost of doing nothing about our transportation infrastructure seems to elude companies.

In a recent survey of manufacturing companies, we asked executives to name the primary benefits of fixing our transportation infrastructure. To read the full article published on IndustryWeek’s sister publication Icons of Infrastructure, click here.


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