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Have a Standout Millennial Leader? IndustryWeek Wants to Hear about It.

A fall 2019 print feature will give these superstars some well-deserved recognition.

Millennials are making their mark in manufacturing, and we want to tell their stories in IndustryWeek’s next print issue.

We’re looking for remarkable millennials to interview and write about why they chose manufacturing as a career and what they’ve done to make their company better. They may have a leadership role in their title, or simply lead by example. They can work anywhere in manufacturing--from the shop floor to HR, sales, IT, engineering, administrative, executive and more--at companies large, mid-sized or tiny.

First, tell us why your millennial leader stands out from the pack. Have they done something to improve operations? Gone above and beyond? Come up with an innovative approach? Had a positive effect on the company culture? 

Second, include the relevant contact information so we can find out more and possibly interview this candidate for an article in IndustryWeek. (I will closely guard your contact information, to be used for interviews only, and will not use or distribute it for any sales or promotional purposes.)

Third, send your submissions to me, Senior Editor Laura Putre, at [email protected]. You can ask any questions at that email, too.

Include a picture if you have one; if not, we’ll work out those details later.


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