History Makers: Black Heroes in Manufacturing

Feb. 25, 2022
IndustryWeek celebrates some of the many achievements and contributions of Black inventors, executives, entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists to the advancement of manufacturing.

Black History month is an opportunity to learn about, reflect on and celebrate the often-underknown contributions by Black visionaries in our communities and our world. In this slideshow, we take a look at 10 Black changemakers who have made substantial contributions to manufacturing through their inventions, entrepreneurship, activism and altruism.

Take Alice Parker for instance. She designed early technology that led to the modern-day thermostat, but next to nothing is known about her life because women and especially Black women were marginalized and worked in obscurity 100 years ago. Organizations like MIT , the History Makers and others are dedicating time and resources to preserving stories like Parker’s, and the advancements that go with them. There are undoubtedly others out there whose contributions need to be rediscovered and recognized.

The Black leaders featured in this slideshow often faced discrimination, both institutionalized and personalized, yet doggedly pursued their innovation. They also often made a point of giving back and pushing back in important ways, sponsoring STEM mentorships, leading Scout troops and housing policy councils and transforming research universities. 

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