IW U.S. 500: Top Food and Beverage Manufacturers (slideshow)

Nov. 17, 2022
These 10 manufacturers earned the highest revenue among food and/or beverage producers on the 2022 IndustryWeek U.S. 500.

If you are familiar with food and beverage manufacturing, then the top revenue-producing food and beverage manufacturers on the latest IndustryWeek U.S. 500, IW's annual list of the 500 largest, publicly held U.S. manufacturing companies, probably won't surprise you. Each of the top 10 companies on the 2022 ranking produced revenue above $14 billion for fiscal 2021, and six of them are among the largest 50 companies in the overall IW U.S. 500. Thirty-eight food and beverage manufacturers earned a spot on the 2022 IW U.S. 500, compared with 36 the previous year

In this slideshow we share the top 10 revenue-generating food and beverage manufacturers on the 2022 ranking. The table below presents all 38 manufacturers in this category.  

RankPrimary IndustryName2021 Revenue (in millions)2021 Profit Margin2021 Net Income (in millions)2021 Revenue Growth
12FoodArcher-Daniels-Midland Co.$85,2493.18%$2,70932.5%
14BeveragesPepsiCo Inc.$79,4749.59%$7,61812.9%
22FoodBunge Ltd.$59,1523.51%$2,07842.9%
30FoodTyson Foods Inc.$47,0496.48%$3,0478.9%
39BeveragesCoca-Cola Co.$38,65525.28%$9,77117.1%
49FoodMondelez Int'l. Inc.$28,72014.97%$4,3008.0%
56FoodKraft Heinz Co.$26,0423.89%$1,012-0.5%
80FoodGeneral Mills Inc.$18,12712.91%$2,3402.8%
99FoodPilgrim's Pride Corp.$14,7780.21%$3122.2%
104FoodKellogg Co.$14,18110.49%$1,4883.0%
114BeveragesKeurig Dr Pepper Inc.$12,68316.92%$2,1469.2%
124FoodHormel Foods Corp.$11,3867.98%$90918.5%
128FoodConagra Brands Inc.$11,18511.61%$1,2991.2%
138BeveragesMolson Coors Beverage Co.$10,2809.81%$1,0096.5%
145FoodHershey Co.$8,97116.47%$1,47810.1%
148BeveragesConstellation Brands Inc.$8,821-0.46%-$402.4%
153FoodCampbell Soup Co.$8,47611.82%$1,002-2.5%
159FoodJ.M. Smucker Co.$8,00310.95%$8762.6%
184FoodIngredion Inc.$6,8941.70%$11715.1%
198FoodMcCormick & Company Inc.$6,31811.95%$75512.8%
201FoodPost Holdings Inc.$6,2272.68%$1679.3%
217BeveragesCoca-Cola Bottling Consolidated Inc.$5,5633.41%$19011.1%
221BeveragesMonster Beverage Corp.$5,54124.86%$1,37820.5%
246FoodSanderson Farms Inc.$4,8009.48%$45534.7%
250FoodDarling Ingredients Inc.$4,74113.73%$65132.7%
262FoodFlowers Foods Inc.$4,3314.76%$206-1.3%
263FoodTreeHouse Foods Inc.$4,328-0.29%-$13-0.5%
288FoodLamb Weston Holdings Inc.$3,6718.66%$318-3.2%
301BeveragesBrown-Forman Corp.$3,46126.09%$9032.9%
395FoodBoston Beer Co. Inc.$2,0580.71%$1518.5%
396FoodB&G Foods Inc.$2,0563.28%$674.5%
404FoodHain Celestial Group Inc.$1,9703.93%$77-4.1%
460FoodSeneca Foods Corp.$1,4688.59%$1269.9%
461FoodLancaster Colony Corp.$1,4679.70%$1429.9%
473FoodCal-Maine Foods Inc.$1,3490.16%$2-0.2%
491FoodAlto Ingredients Inc.$1,2083.82%$4634.7%
494FoodUtz Brands Inc.$1,1811.74%$2122.4%
499FoodHostess Brands Inc.$1,14210.45%$11912.3%

Data provided by Seeking Alpha and S&P Global.

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