2022 IW U.S. 500: Top Computers & Other Electronics Manufacturers (slideshow)

Dec. 21, 2022
The largest producers of computers and other electronic devices from the IW U.S. 500 list of largest publicly traded manufacturing companies in the country.

The top three companies in the computers and electronics manufacturers section of the IW U.S. 500 were also top ten in the entire list and none of the names should come as any surprise, least of all Apple Inc., that actually held the top spot in the entire 500-company list. Apple now not only manufacturers the most recognizable smart devices on the market, it also runs a streaming video service, Apple +, that's producing Emmy-award winning TV shows.

Microsoft Corp., number two on the computers and electronics manufacturers list and third on the IW US 500 as a whole, may not win entertainment awards but it develops the most recognizable PC operating system on the planet and also holds a huge and growing imprint in the gaming industry with its Xbox brand, swallowing up major game developers left and right and making huge leaps in streaming game delivery.

Dell Technologies Inc., number three on the computers and electronics manufacturers list and tenth on the overall IW US 500 list, doesn't have an imprint in the entertainment business but continues to be a colossal player in the PC marketplace, recently announcing its continuing work on a modular laptop that can be taken apart in minutes, a potential game-changer for ease of component replacement and repair.

For more details on which businesses grew the fastest, read the story from IndustryWeek’s summer issue.

RankPrimary IndustryName2021 Revenue (in millions)2021 Profit Margin2021 Net Income (in millions)2021 Revenue Growth
1Computers & Other ElectronicsApple Inc.$365,81725.88%$94,68033.3%
3Computers & Other ElectronicsMicrosoft Corp.$168,08836.45%$61,27117.5%
10Computers & Other ElectronicsDell Technologies Inc.$101,1975.50%$5,56316.8%
15Computers & Other ElectronicsIntel Corp.$79,02425.14%$19,8681.5%
20Computers & Other ElectronicsHP Inc.$63,48710.24%$6,50312.1%
23Computers & Other ElectronicsIBM Corp.$57,35110.01%$5,7433.9%
28Computers & Other ElectronicsCisco Systems Inc.$49,81821.26%$10,5911.0%
48Computers & Other ElectronicsJabil Inc.$29,2852.38%$6967.4%
51Computers & Other ElectronicsMicron Technology Inc.$27,70521.16%$5,86129.3%
52Electrical Equip., AppliancesBroadcom Inc.$27,45024.54%$6,73614.9%
55Computers & Other ElectronicsNvidia Corp.$ 6,73636.23%$9,75261.4%
60Computers & Other ElectronicsApplied Materials Inc.$23,06325.53%$5,88834.1%
77Computers & Other ElectronicsTexas Instruments Inc.$18,34442.35%$7,76926.9%
89Computers & Other ElectronicsWestern Digital Corp.$16,9224.85%$8211.1%
93Computers & Other ElectronicsAdvanced Micro Devices Inc.$16,43419.24%$3,16268.3%
100Computers & Other ElectronicsLam Research Corp.$14,62626.72%$3,90945.6%
132Computers & Other ElectronicsAmphenol Corp.$10,87614.63%$1,59126.5%
172Computers & Other ElectronicsAnalog Devices Inc.$7,31819.00%$1,39030.6%
178Computers & Other ElectronicsNCR Corp.$7,1561.36%$9715.3%
183Computers & Other ElectronicsKLA Corp.$6,91930.04%$2,07819.2%
186Computers & Other ElectronicsMicrochip Technology Inc.$6,82118.85%$1,28625.4%
188Computers & Other ElectronicsSanmina Corp.$6,7573.98%$269-2.9%
190Computers & Other ElectronicsON Semiconductor Corp.$6,74014.98%$1,01028.3%
202Computers & Other ElectronicsAmkor Technology Inc.$6,13810.48%$64321.5%
208Computers & Other ElectronicsNetApp Inc.$5,74412.71%$7306.1%
233Computers & Other ElectronicsSkyworks Solutions Inc.$5,10929.33%$1,49852.3%
251Computers & Other ElectronicsJuniper Networks Inc.$4,7355.34%$2536.5%
252Computers & Other ElectronicsQorvo Inc.$4,64622.24%$1,03315.7%
254Computers & Other ElectronicsTeledyne Technologies Inc.$4,6149.65%$44549.5%
259Computers & Other ElectronicsMarvell Technology Inc.$4,462-9.43%-$42150.3%
264Computers & Other ElectronicsPalo Alto Neworks Inc.$4,256-11.72%-$49924.9%
287Computers & Other ElectronicsPitney Bowes Inc.$3,674-0.04%-$13.4%
289Computers & Other ElectronicsTrimble Inc.$3,65913.47%$49316.2%
294Computers & Other ElectronicsSuper Micro Computer Inc.$3,5573.15%$1126.5%
304Computers & Other ElectronicsPlexus Corp.$3,3694.12%$139-0.6%
311Computers & Other ElectronicsVishay Intertechnology Inc.$3,2419.20%$29829.5%
344Computers & Other ElectronicsAllegheny Technologies Inc.$2,800-1.36%-$38-6.1%
378Computers & Other ElectronicsBenchmark Electronics Inc.$2,2551.59%$369.8%
379Computers & Other ElectronicsTTM Technologies Inc.$2,2492.42%$546.8%
393Computers & Other ElectronicsLittlefuse Inc.$2,08013.64%$28443.9%
400Computers & Other ElectronicsACCO Brands Corp.$2,0255.03%$10222.4%
407Computers & Other ElectronicsCorsair Gaming Inc.$1,9045.30%$10111.8%
421Computers & Other ElectronicsDiodes Inc.$1,80512.67%$22946.9%
424Computers & Other ElectronicsCirrus Logic Inc.$1,78218.32%$32630.1%
427Computers & Other ElectronicsMaxar Technologies Inc.$1,7702.60%$462.7%
438Computers & Other ElectronicsSonos Inc.$1,7179.24%$15929.4%
475Computers & Other ElectronicsSynaptics Inc.$1,3405.94%$800.4%

Data provided by Seeking Alpha and S&P Global.

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