SLC 2018: 5 Ways to Facilitate Innovation

Nov. 14, 2018
Leadership in an organization should encourage workers to create.

Good leaders have the responsibility to demonstrate and establish expectations, especially when it comes to creating an innovative culture to solve organizational issues.

J.A. Rodriquez, Raytheon global senior leader of EHSS and VPPPA chairman, closed out EHS Today's 2018 Safety Leadership Conference in Louisville with this message.

"In leadership, organizations do what they see," Rodriguez told attendees. "They very rarely do what they hear."

Assuming certain outcomes can lead to consequences that significantly can impact workers. If a leader begins with a determining a purpose, he/she can forma perspective that drives behavior and priorities and, in turn, a desired outcome.

"As safety leaders, this is key to getting your organization to be innovative and on the same page," he explained.

Collaboration from the top down is the key to having innovation as a mindset, and achieving team member buy-in and unity is essential. There is a balance between getting the job done yourself and getting the job done in ways that deliver optimal results.

"Be that person that's a spark plug to your organizations," Rodriquez said.

Read about five ways a safety leader can facilitate innovation within an organization by viewing the slideshow.

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