Sharing an Office with the Boss Image courtesy of Yoshiharu Ueki

Sharing an Office with the Boss

How far should a boss go to cultivate a culture of open communication?

Yoshiharu Ueki, president and representative director of Japan Airlines Co., in a recent post on LinkedIn admitted that he doesn't have his own office.

By choice.

Despite his position as head of 30,000 employees, Ueki shares an open room with the company's board of directors. Desks line the perimeter of the room, and there's a large table positioned in the center.

Image courtesy of Yoshiharu Ueki.

"Even for Japan, which tends to have VP-level management sit with their staff in bullpen style desk formations, JAL’s communal executive office is rare," Ueki said. "Every day, many staff come in and out of our office, so there are constant opportunities for employees at various levels, including myself, to exchange ideas."

While there has been much debate about open office plans for employees, Ueki adds a twist to the discussion: what about bosses who choose to use communal rooms to make themselves more accessible to employees?

Ueki's complete post, "Goodbye Corner Office: Why I Choose an Open Workspace" originally appeared on LinkedIn, as part of the LinkedIn Influencers program.

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