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Spread the Message of Transformational Leadership

Transformational leaders can move an organization from a transactional focus to an organization that empowers and engages employees.

Being a transformational leader is more than impacting your immediate circle of influence; it’s about affecting change within the entire organization.

“The value of transformational leadership goes well beyond safety,” said Dr. Rick Fulwiler during his keynote address at EHS Today’s Safety Leadership Conference.

Fulwiler, who is president of the Technology Leadership Associates and a Procter & Gamble retiree, highlighted the need for those who understand the value of transformational leadership to spread that message through the ranks.

Doing so, he said, will help “move the needle” in leadership from predominantly transactional to more transformational. Even small shifts, he said, will create change in an organization.

Read the complete article on Transformational Leadership at EHS Today, a companion site of IndustryWeek and part of Penton's Manufacturing and Supply Chain Group. You can also take our pop quiz to assess your own leadership style.

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