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The Avery Point Group Lean and Six Sigma Talent Study

Demand for Six Sigma Talent Gains on Lean [INFOGRAPHIC]

Robust demand for continuous improvement talent remains concentrated on lean skill sets, but Six Sigma shows renewed strength in new study.

Companies’ demand for lean skills continues to exceed that for Six Sigma expertise in a robust market for continuous improvement talent. Nevertheless, demand for Six Sigma talent may be staging a comeback.

So indicate findings from the ninth annual talent study conducted by The Avery Point Group, which examined 7,097 recent internet job postings to reach its conclusions.

In last year’s study, demand for lean talent exceeded that for Six Sigma by almost 68%. That 68% margin narrowed to little more than 24% in the current study.

This infographic, produced by The Avery Point Group, illustrates the changing demand landscape for lean and Six Sigma talent. Also read “Is Demand for Six Sigma Talent Staging a Comeback?” for more detail. 

Lean Six Sigma Talent Study Infographic

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