Real-Time Solutions Aid Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers

Brooks Software, a Chelmsford, Mass.-based provider of real-time applications for enterprises with collaborative, complex manufacturing operations, is offering a suite of aerospace and defense (A&D) manufacturing solutions.

The A&D solutions address four key strategies:

  • Lean Manufacturing Solution -- Allows A&D contractors to gain additional improvements with their lean manufacturing initiatives as they come under continued pressure to meet aggressive delivery dates and simultaneously improve efficiency.
  • Supply Chain Execution Solution -- Helps eliminate the typical information latency inherent in enterprise applications, particularly in multi-site, collaborative environments.
  • RFID Solution -- Meets the Department of Defense's RFID mandate requiring a comprehensive, integrated solution that collects, records and presents RFID real-time data to multiple enterprise systems including MES, ERP and PLM.
  • Reporting Solution -- Provides A&D contractors with data intelligence tools to ensure that parts and processes are tracked and traced throughout their extended supply chain with enterprise-specified granularity such as onshore vs. offshore origin, supplier origin and batch origin.
"Aerospace and defense manufacturers operate in complex, high-mix, variable environments," says Matthew Hobson-Rohrer, director, Aerospace and Defense, Brooks Software. "Real-time insight into operations in the factory and across the enterprise is crucial for success. Brooks' Lean Manufacturing Solution collects real-time data from RFID, bar code and other inputs and provides the visibility and decision support that enable lean efficiencies in inventory and productivity. Real-time events, decisions and corrective actions are also captured for further trend analysis. Additionally, this solution enables manufacturers to meet multiple industry and governmental 'track and trace' mandates."

Brooks Software
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