Shingo Research Prize Winners Share Knowledge At Lean Institute Workshops

Two Shingo Research prizewinners, Art Smalley and Rick Harris, will conduct workshops on July 19-21 in Toronto, August 9-11 in Portland, Sept. 13-15 in Kansans City and Oct.4-6 in Boston. Art Smalley won the award for his work on 'Creating Level Pull' and Rick Harris won the award for research on 'Making Material Flow'.

The workshop topics are:

  • Value-Stream Mapping: Learn a fundamental initial step that creates the blueprint for applying other lean tools and running kaizen events most effectively.
  • Lean Logistics: Understand where and how to apply lean concepts to logistics, how to analyze costs and balance them among logistics functions, and how to truly eliminate unnecessary inventories rather than shifting them to other areas.
  • Creating Continuous Flow: Get the complete benefits of cellular production by focusing on the critical pacemaker process, the people factors of the operation, and how to balance the work to takt time.
  • Business Process Value-Stream Mapping: Apply value-stream mapping to administrative, professional, and transactional activities.
  • Creating Level Pull: Create a lean production control system for all the product families within a facility by implementing pull between processes and a leveled schedule at the pacemaker process.
  • Making Materials Flow: Sustain continuous flow cells and lines with a dependable just-in-time material-handling system for purchased parts that uses timed delivery routes, pull signals, and a Plan for Every Part.
  • Change Agent Skills for Lean Implementation Leaders: Discover an analysis tool and a communications format that use the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle to build support for lean initiatives by clearly demonstrating the benefits in human and organizational terms.

To register visit:

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