IndustryWeek's Celebration of Manufacturing Day

On October 4, 2019, IndustryWeek, in collaboration with Applied Industrial Technologies, connected over 70 local high school students with top area manufacturers to help finally reverse America's talent gap.

The event gave Cleveland-area students a  glimpse into the exciting opportunities a manufacturing career can deliver. Students in grades 9-12 participated in roundtable discussions with local mentors and young manufacturing professionals, and take hands-on tours of local manufacturing facilities, including ABB, Foseco, Lincoln Electric and SKF.

"We've been talking about the skills gap for 50 years; it's time we did something about it," says Travis Hessman, editor-in-chief of IndustryWeek. "We see this event as the seed of a real solution. By exposing these students to all the potential manufacturing offers, we will start a conversation that vastly expands their career horizons while helping ensure a prosperous future for the industry, the country and this next generation."

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