Share Your Manufacturing Day Story

Share Your Manufacturing Day Story

You're invited to contribute to our "Manufacturing Month" coverage. Here's how.

When the entire nation celebrates Manufacturing Day on Oct. 7, 2016, IndustryWeek and the Internet of Things Institute (IoTi) will help spread the word—and you’re invited to contribute to our extensive coverage.

Indeed, we’re going a step further, planning extensive coverage of the State of Manufacturing throughout the month of October, aka “Manufacturing Month,” in addition to sharing reports of the Day’s events.

Here’s how you can participate:

Celebrate Manufacturing Day with IndustryWeek #IWMfgDay+ Hosting an Event? Send a few photographs, with brief captions (describe the event and who/what is pictured), along with a short description about your company or organization. We’ll include them in a photo gallery/slideshow like this one: Manufacturing Day 2015: Saluting Manufacturing Across the US. Please send your Manufacturing Day information as quickly as possible after the event to [email protected]

+ Do You Tweet? Post your manufacturing day/month celebration at #IWMfgDay. Follow to see to what others are doing!

Celebrate Manufacturing Day with IndustryWeek #IWMfgDay+ Got an Opinion? Write a commentary that shares your views about Manufacturing Day or your vision of Manufacturing’s Future. Tell the IndustryWeek community:

  • Why you believe manufacturing is critical to the United States.
  • What your company has done and will do to help change the perception of manufacturing careers.
  • What new disruptions do you see roiling manufacturers’ best laid plans?
  • What new technologies, product strategies or best practices will transform how work gets done? We’re especially looking for how you think the Internet of Things will continue to transform manufacturing businesses.
  • What industries will grow or slow?

Please send your commentary to [email protected]starting today! We’ll post them throughout Manufacturing Month.

Celebrate Manufacturing Day with IndustryWeek #IWMfgDay+ Help Us Identify the “Faces of Manufacturing”: If you’re someone who is passionate about your manufacturing job, we’ll help you share it with the IndustryWeek community in a gallery like this one: Faces of Manufacturing: For the Love of Industry. Go to to learn how to participate.

This special coverage will be available, beginning Oct. 1, at and

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